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Monthly Plans

Starting at $997/mo + adspend

We specialize in creating highly targeted advertising campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter that deliver RESULTS.

What's Included in DragonflyLeads™?

DragonflyLeads Service Includes: (Client provides all photos and listing information)
  • Custom Internet Videos for Pay-per-Click Campaign 
  • Custom Video Landing Pages for Each Listing
  • Facebook/Instagram Ad Design (or)
  • Twitter Ad design (or)
  • Pinterest Ad Design
  • Instant Delivery of Leads by Email
  • More Likes & Followers


Paid Social Ad Management

  • Facebook/Instagram Ad Management (or)
  • Twitter Ad Management (or)
  • Pinterest Ad Management


What's Not Included:

  • PPC fees charged by Facebook, Pinterest and/or Twitter
  • Any Additional third-party fees


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Promote One ListingPromote One ListingMonthly Plans

Starting at $997/mo + adspend

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One-time $125 + adspend

One-time $125 + adspend

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What is DragonFly Leads™?

DragonFly™ Leads is a fully-managed per-listing advertising service for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Send us your real estate listings and we advertise them on social media for you! You can choose to leverage 360-degree or video advertising on Facebook & Instagram, place image ads on Twitter, or get exposure on Pinterest! Just send us your property information, choose a social media site, set a budget, and we do the rest!


A Complete Campaign for Your Real Estate Listing!

You get the social media ad, a video landing page, a virtual tour, and contact forms designed specifically for your listing. When an interested buyer sees your listing on social media, they are taken to a page with photos, complete property information and a virtual tour of the property. When they click the button to get more information on your listing, you get the lead instantly by email!

What We Need to Create Your Campaign

All we need is 5 high-quality photos and a link to your listing information. That’s it! From that information, we create the entire campaign!


What's the Difference Between One-Time Listings & Monthly Plans?

DragonFly Leads™ One-Time Campaigns are limited to 5 property photos, a duration of 10, 15, or 30 days and $5, $10, or $25 per day in adspend. You can purchase as many one-time campaigns as needed on an a-la-carte basis. There is a minimum $50 adspend for all One-Time Campaigns.

DragonFly Leads™ Monthly plans allow you to run unlimited campaigns with unlimited adspend and start at $997/mo per single agent or two-agent team. Brokers are welcome with 2 agents included and $200 fee per additional agent. There is a minimum $500/mo adspend for all monthly accounts.


Social Media Ads,
Virtual Tour Video,
and Landing Page