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Get Leads This WeekendGet Leads This WeekendGet Leads All Month

4 Campaigns /mo Starting at $997/mo + FB adspend

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One-time $500 + FB adspend

One-time $500 + FB adspend

What is DragonFly Leads™?

DragonFly™ Leads is a fully-managed advertising service for Facebook advertising campaigns. We take all the guesswork out of Facebook advertising and simply deliver LEADS! We have a highly successful system that has worked for many other real estate agents. In Fact, this system has worked SO WELL that we have been asked to TURN OFF the campaigns because there were too many leads to keep up with for an entire TEAM of real estate agents.

We are so confident that this system will work for you that we GUARANTEE that you will receive leads from your very first campaign, or we will do it again for FREE!

A Complete Facebook Campaign DONE FOR YOU!

After a quick conversation to determine your ideal clients, we get to work creating a campaign that will bring you the interested buyers and sellers that you NEED to run your business. Facebook is HANDS DOWN the most highly targeted advertising medium of today. (In fact, if you have not already, ask us for Our ULTIMATE GUIDE to Facebook Advertising so you can see for yourself!) We tailor your audience to buyers and sellers that are MOST likely to buy or sell in your area. When an interested buyer or seller sees your listing on Facebook, they click on the ad to get more information. When they click that button to get more information on your listing, you get the lead instantly by email! 

What We Need to Create Your First Campaign

All we need is a 10-minute conversation with you to decide what buyers and sellers are looking for in real estate for your particular area. We then create the entire campaign and run it from Friday to Sunday (what we have found to be the best days for leads). Your leads are delivered in REAL TIME as buyers and sellers respond to your ad. These leads work BEST when you contact them right away! We send them a follow-up email with your information at the same time, in case you are busy with other leads. 

What's the Difference Between One-Time Listings & Monthly Plans?

DragonFly Leads™ One-Time Campaigns are just that -- one time campaigns. You can purchase as many one-time campaigns as needed on an a-la-carte basis. There is a minimum $200 ad spend (paid to Facebook) for all One-Time Campaigns to make sure that you get the most leads possible. 

DragonFly Leads™ Monthly plans allow you to run 4 campaigns per month (one per weekend) with unlimited adspend and start at $997/mo per single agent or two-agent team. Brokers are welcome as long as the leads are for the brokerage/team. There is a minimum $800/mo Facebook ad spend (paid to Facebook) for all monthly accounts. Once you are on the plan for 3+ months, longer months will include the 5th weekend at no additional fee (exclusive of Facebook ad spend of course). 

THAT'S IT! Really, that's all there is to it. So, if you are looking to get some leads this weekend, or all month long, just click on one of the buttons below and let us know.  

100% NO BS GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied with the leads you have received in your first campaign, we will re-run a campaign at no charge (exclusive of Facebook Ad spend) the following weekend. 

Let's Face It...

"Premier Agent", "Top Agent", and "Suggested Agent" ads on "high traffic" real estate websites do NOT work. Sure, you get leads, but they are 99% trash. 

Unless you really like the real estate business for the fun of pointlessly talking to people that will never buy or sell, driving around on "free home tours", and spending money on pointless advertising, you NEED to make your business move forward. You NEED good leads!